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Help Students Keep Their Loans In Good Standing

OSAP Tools

No interest after Graduation

Students have six months before interest begins to accrue on their loans – encourage students, who can, to begin paying back loans before the six month period ends.

Ontario Student Opportunity Grant (OSOG)

This grant can limit yearly debt to a maximum of $7000 for two-term year, or $10,500 for three-term year

Interest Relief

Eligible students can suspend monthly loan payments if they cannot afford to make them.

Revision of Repayment Terms

Students can change his or her monthly payment by adjusting his or her loan repayment period.

Debt Reduction in Repayment

This program may help students reduce their debt if they are still having difficulty repaying five years after leaving their program of study.

Repayment Assistance Plan

This plan helps students through reasonable and affordable payments

Visit for more information about any of the above programs

Tools For Career Colleges


Admission Standards

Use admissions testing which not only meets ministry requirements but also those of the program – this will ensure student’s can handle the curriculum.

Entrance Counselling

Remind students during entrance interviews if they are applying for a loan it is their financial responsibility; arm your students with the information to make an informed decision before applying to OSAP.

Mid-program Counselling

Keep an eye on students who are falling behind, a withdrawn student still has to pay back loans and may lose out on grants.

Program quality, industry relevance and placements

Offer high quality programs that provide good value for money invested  in order to ensure that students feel good about their education and are more inclined to repay their loans.

Use program advisory committees for curriculum development and maintenance to ensure that the material being taught meets industry standards, and will lead to employment after graduation.”

Assist students with finding unpaid practicum placements to practice what they have learned, to gain real-world experience and begin networking before graduation, in an effort to increase their likelihood of becoming gainfully employed.

Exit interviews

Conduct exit interviews with students to remind them of their obligation to repay their loans, and the importance of keeping the National Student Loan Service Centre (NSLSC) informed of any address and contact information changes

Encourage graduates to read all correspondence received from NSLSC in a timely manner and offer to provide clarification about such correspondence, as needed.


Once the program of study has been completed, remind students of the responsibilities associated with OSAP, and the potential consequences of nonpayment such as garnishment of income tax refunds, and poor credit ratings that could negatively affect their ability to get car loans or mortgages in the future.

Student follow-up is an important step in reducing defaults.

Contact students after graduation to remind them of their obligation to repay their loans, through the use of a series of letters, emails and calls.

Contact OACC if you have any questions about helping your students keep their loans in good standing.

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Assistant Deputy Minister Nancy Naylor Tours PCCs

Tour showed ADM the variety in PCC sector

Assistant Deputy Minister of the Postsecondary Education Division of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Nancy Naylor, was treated to a whirlwind tour of some of  Ontario’s Private Career Colleges on June 28.  A diverse range of private career colleges were visited to give ADM Naylor a look into the private career college sector.


Assistant Deputy Minister Nancy Naylor (front, left) speaks with staff at Canadian Business College during her tour of the Bloor Street West campus.

The tour featured stops at a variety of private career colleges including Canadian Business College, Pre-Apprenticeship Training Institute, Liaison College, Metalworks Institute, triOS College as well as The Canadian Academy of Dental Hygiene. ADM Naylor was shown just how varied the registered Private Career College industry is in Ontario.

At Canadian Business  College, students and staff were just getting started as ADM Naylor saw the college. The 22nd floor campus in downtown Toronto offers a variety of programs and a testing centre. The main level dental hygiene facility gave ADM Naylor a firsthand look at the unique classroom for dental hygiene students.

During the course of the tour, ADM Naylor spoke with students and staff alike to gain some perspective on higher education and PCCs. Tom Bozic spoke about his former job being moved off shore. He decided to attend Pre-Apprenticeship Training Institute in order to get a jump start on his career, and already has a job interview with one of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies.

At Liaison college, a light lunch was followed up with a tour and a brief stop to speak with one of the students. Monica Osei-Bonsu felt going back to college was a challenge being around fellow students who are much younger, but after some encouragement from her faculty, she has stayed the course and helped serve up a delicious three-course meal to ADM Naylor.

The tour made its way to Metalworks Institute, a one-of-a-kind college where the students learn the tools of the music trade. The college is next to Metalworks Studios where big names in Canadian music, such as Drake, Rush and Anne Murray, have recorded albums.

triOS Mississauga Campus welcomed ADM Naylor with a tour the newly renovated facility and learned about the college’s unique features.

ADM Naylor was very interested in the facilities she visited along the tour, stopping often to snap photos to bring back to the Ministry offices.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the tour!


ADM Naylor (left) speaks with students at Pre-Apprenticeship Training Institute about why they chose to continue their education at one of Ontario’s many registered Private Career Colleges


At The Canadian Academy of Dental Hygiene ADM Naylor spoke with staff about their new facility and the dental hygiene industry.


triOS CEO Frank Gerencser (centre) speaks with ADM Naylor about one of the many programs triOS offers.


Chef David Bakker (left) helps one of his students “plate” the lunch for ADM Naylor at Liaison College Lakeshore Campus.


ADM Naylor (left) poses with Metalworks Institute owner Gil Moore, OACC Board member Frank Gerencser and PCC sector consultant Carol Bruni inside one of the school’s many recording studios.

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