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Career college students help in emergency

“Students spring into action”


The North Bay Nugget

Sat Jan 29 2011

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Jody Shearer and Jake Mitchell were in the right place at the right time Friday. The two paramedic students at CTS Career College in North Bay were on their way down College Drive on Friday afternoon when they saw that two cars had been involved in a collision, blocking the road. No emergency responders were on the scene yet, so the two jumped out of their car, grabbed an emergency kit and saw what they could do to help.

“We knew what we should do,” Mitchell said.

“Keep the people safe until more qualified people showed up,” Shearer added.

 The two men got into one of the two vehicles to help keep one of the accident victims calm until firefighters and paramedics arrived on the scene at about 3:30 p.m. One of the accident victims was taken to North Bay and District Hospital by ambulance, but the paramedic students said injuries did not seem too severe.

“We just had to assess the situation and calm (the victim) down,” Shearer said.

Traffic on College Drive was blocked near the turnoff to the new North Bay Regional Health Centre as those involved were removed and the scene cleared. At least three North Bay Transit buses on the way to the college had to back up and turn around and an Ontario Northland bus on the way down the hill was held up until emergency vehicles could be moved away to let it pass. The heavy snowfall and blowing snow in the area resulted in at least one other accident in the same area earlier, when two vehicles collided on the access road to the hospital. No injuries were reported in that accident.

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