The earning gap widens: are you ready to make the leap?

“Seven out of 10 new jobs created over the next decade will require a postsecondary credential,” said John Milloy, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities. “A well-trained and highly skilled workforce will be essential to Ontario’s continued success in the knowledge-based economy.”

A new report by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario shows the earning gap between high-school graduates and post-secondary graduates has nearly doubled in the last 20 years.

As the earnings gap widens, students should ask themselves – am I ready to make the leap?

Ontario’s registered private career colleges have been providing post-secondary training for over 140 years. The private career college sector is well equipped to handle the influx of students and new career fields. Career Colleges can quickly adjust to meet the needs of the economy.

While the Canadian economy restructures, a creative and highly educated work force is crucial, making post-secondary credentials all the more important. Post-secondary education doesn’t have to mean a university degree or college diploma – shorter, more career focused diplomas from Ontario’s registered private career colleges provide students with the skills needed to succeed.

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What’s Your Passion?

No matter your passion, Ontario’s registered private career colleges have something for you. Art, design, business, environment, trades or healthcare – there really is something for everyone.

Sarah Alty chose a registered private career college to pursue her career in graphic design. After a brief career in interior design, she decided it was time for a change.

 “It was a great job, but at the end of the day I still wasn’t satisfied,” she said. “I was always happiest when I was asked to prepare visual presentations for clients.”

 This realization jump-started Sarah’s transition into graphic design. Sarah chose a registered private career college because of the career focused training, small class sizes and flexible schedules.

Sarah was one of the winners of The Career College Challenge in early 2010. Sarah’s creative flair made her an easy choice to design the contest poster for The Career College Challenge: High School Edition – a contest open to high school students in Ontario.

The job market is quickly changing and career colleges are the best at keeping up with emerging employment trends.

With program lengths often less than community college equivalent programs, students at registered private career colleges are trained in intense hands on programs and working in their chosen field sooner than their collegiate counterparts.

Whether you enjoy the satisfaction of completing a project, cooking an exquisite meal or assisting in the health of others – registered private career colleges have a program for you.

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Job Opportunity

Early Childhood Assistant Instructor

We are Stafford College of Health Care, Business and Technology. Stafford College is a dynamic organization whose mission is to educate students from diverse backgrounds, seeking to enhance their individual worth and professional potential, by delivering quality educational programs and services. Through the leadership of energetic and passionate faculty and staff. Stafford College is committed to promoting student success as measured by graduation and career achievement.

We are looking for a Early Childhood Assistant Instructor with the following profile:


• Must have an Early Childhood Education (ECE) degree or diploma. .

• 1-2 years experience in the early Childhood service area. (Desirable)

• 1-2 years experience as an instructor of ECA programs (Desirable)

Job Description

• Prepares and delivers lectures to students and conduct laboratory sessions or discussion groups

• Teaches one or more college subjects to post secondary students

• Communicates effectively, both orally and in writing, with students.

• Integrate real life examples and visits to ECA professional environment to promote “learning by doing”.

• Grades examinations, term papers, classroom presentations and laboratory reports.

• Gives fair and professional feedback to students about their performance in their examination process.

• Maintains effective and efficient record keeping procedures.

• Uses Stafford College’s procedures to manage students report and proper filing of student’s assignments and tests.

This position is looking to be filled for the second week of October.

Please contact:

Marlon Hernandez

Stafford College of Health Care, Business and Technology

Tel: (416)646-1222 Ext. 58

Email: marlon.hernandez [at]

NOTE: OACC acts as a conduit in sharing information and does not endorse any particular entities that appear on this blog. If you have a job posting, property listing, equipment for sale or anything else you would like to circulate, please email laurabailey [at]

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OACC @ Work: TTC Post-secondary Student Metropass

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is now offering a $99 Post-Secondary Student Metropass – saving students $22 each month compared to the adult fare metropass. Since January of this year, the OACC has asked the TTC for information in regards to private career college students’ eligibility. The OACC consistent position has been that career college students should be eligible to access the passes.

However, OACC learned late last week from the Chair of the TTC Commission that students attending registered private career colleges in the City of Toronto would not be eligible for the new TTC Post-secondary Student Metropass. OACC believes that this policy is unfair and discriminatory, and voiced that firmly with the Toronto Star, resulting in an article on this inequity being published on August 31.


Career-college students locked out of TTC post-secondary pass

OACC is working with the TTC Commission and with City of Toronto Councillors in an effort to change this policy. However, we need support and assistance from all registered private career colleges with campuses located in the Toronto area. We also need support from our students who are being denied access to the post-secondary student passes.

In the following pages we have included steps for students as well as owners and administrators to take to make TTC Commissioners and City Councillors aware of the seriousness and scope of this issue for current and future students.

We have also included talking points to guide members and their students when discussing this unfair and inequitable policy.

Our goal is to have the policy amended to include career college students at the TTC Commission meeting on September 30, 2010 or sooner, if possible.


TTC $99 Post-secondary Student Metropass

Talking Points

• Approximately 15,000 post-secondary students in the City of Toronto make the choice to attend registered private career colleges annually, and over 46,000 students in Ontario make the same choice.

• The Toronto Transit Commission’s new $99 Post-Secondary Student Metropass is not available to post-secondary students at registered private career colleges in the City of Toronto.

• The discount Metropass saves students at public colleges and universities $22 per month, with an annual savings of $264.

• This is unfair and discriminatory

• The Ontario Association of Career Colleges (OACC) firmly believes its members and their students in the City of Toronto should be eligible for this new discounted metropass. All post-secondary students live on tight budgets regardless of where they attend class.

• A student attending a university or college while working full-time taking one or two courses is eligible for the $99 Post-Secondary Student Metropass, however full-time private career college students are not. This is unfair.

• OACC represents over 250 registered private career colleges in the province, about half of which are in the Greater Toronto Area. The number of registered private career colleges is approximately 230 (112 OACC members) in the City of Toronto alone.

• The costs for including the students of registered private career colleges would be small compared to the overall costs associated with the new $99 Post-secondary Student Metropass initiative

• The OACC is willing to work with the TTC in an effort to include students in diploma programs attending registered private career colleges in the coverage areas.


• Students should contact their city councillor and make them aware of the issue and ask for their support.

• Send them an email and call them

• Tell them that this issue is very important to you

• Let them know you attend a registered private career college, which is regulated by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU). Make them aware that your diploma program is also approved by the Ministry.

• Tell them you live in their ward and attend a registered private career college and find the TTC policy grossly unfair.

• Ask your councillor to help get the OACC and the $99 Post-secondary Student Metropass issue on the agenda for the TTC Commission’s September 30th meeting.

• Go to to find your ward and the name of your Toronto City Councillor.

• If contacting the councillor via e-mail, please CC your college so we can see how many students make their voices heard.

• Join our Facebook group Ontario Association of Career Colleges (and our TTC initiative group) and follow us on Twitter for regular updates @ontarioacc.


• Owners and administrators of private career colleges should also contact their Toronto City Councillor and make them aware of the issue affecting your students. Inform them you live in their ward and own or work for a private career college and find the TTC policy for the post-secondary metropass unfair.

• Ask them to write a letter to the TTC Commissioners asking them to include post secondary students attending private career colleges in the Metropass discount program

• Ask your councillor to help get the OACC and the post-secondary metropass issue on the agenda for the TTC Commission’s September 30th meeting.

• Visit to find your ward and the name of your Toronto City Councillor.

• Please let the OACC know about the contact you or your staff and students have with councillors so we may keep track of the effort.

• Join our Facebook group by searching “Ontario Association of Career Colleges” (and our TTC initiative group) and follow us on Twitter for regular updates @ontarioacc.

Links to share

Facebook Group: Include Private Career College Students in TTC Post-Secondary Metropass

Go to this link to determine the ward and the name of your City Councillor

This is the list of City Councillors

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5 Canadian Sectors Hiring Now!


Statistics Canada recently released its quarterly labour force survey results. This labour force survey showed major growth in five particular sectors: retail and wholesale trade, business and support services, health care and social assistance, personal care business as well as construction. Small class sizes, intensive training and flexible learning at Ontario’s registered private career colleges will allow a greater number of people to train for these sectors, and enter the workforce sooner.

1. Retail and Wholesale Trade

There has been an increase of 69,000 workers in retail and wholesale trade in the past year, with 22,000 more jobs created in June 2010 alone. With opportunities in managerial, finance and administrative jobs within the sector, those trained in areas such as payroll and accounting can benefit from this growth.  Evergreen College in Toronto offers a unique Business Administration in International Trading Program, Kennedy College of Toronto offers fashion design; these are just two examples of programs available at many private career colleges.

2. Business and Support Services

This sector saw 20,000 new workers in June, and 86,000 since the beginning of 2010. This rise comes from the addition of new manager and administrative positions in the private sector. Victoria International College of Business & Technology in Toronto offers Business Administration,  and IBT College offers Business Management and Entrepreneurship diploma, while many career colleges offer diplomas for various business support roles.

3. Health Care and Social Assistance

The health care and social assistance sector added 20,000 workers in June. As the population of Ontario ages, the need for health care rises. With a shortage of health care professionals across Ontario and Canada, students at registered private career colleges benefit from intensive programs. Canadian Career College can train students for Long Term Care administration and Stafford College of Health Care, Business and Technology in Toronto offers a diploma in pharmacy assistant while many of Ontario’s career colleges, including Prestige Nursing Careers Centre, offer personal support worker diplomas.

4. Personal Care Business

The personal care service sector also increased, with 17,000 new jobs added in June. The retiring workforce has opened up doors to those looking for rewarding employment in the personal care service sector. The Salon & Spa Career College , Complections International Academy, and Body Pro Beauty & Aesthetics Academy and many more career colleges in Ontario offer diploma programs in esthetics, make-up for fashion, photography and bridal as well as spa management.

5. Construction

The construction sector has been the fastest growing industry since last July, according to the Statistics Canada labour survey.  There have been 94,000 more workers in that sector since this time last year. This growth requires highly skilled workers, and registered private career colleges such as Pre-Apprenticeship Training Institute, HVAC Training Academy and Stanford International College of Business and Technology can help prepare you for a career in construction. Diploma programs such as Construction and Maintenance Electrician, Construction Technology, Gas Technician, Plumbing and Building services Engineering are offered at some of Ontario’s private career colleges.

The Ontario Association of Career Colleges represents over 250 registered private career colleges in Ontario. To find a career college or program in your area, visit or

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